Hello, Emily Ruth

National Down’s syndrome month is yet another opportunity for us to celebrate our girl. She is in a word, JOY. Emily is larger than life. Her extra chromosome is anything but an accident. She is the most whole person I know!

Love My Messy Life

emily ruth

I stared at the face of our third baby girl, propped up on my knees as I sat in the hospital bed. We were face to face, and all I could see in that little face were the droopy ears, almond-shaped eyes, tiny nose, and the tongue that wouldn’t quite stay in her tiny mouth. She looked like a baby Yoda, and I couldn’t seem to see past that. I just saw Downs syndrome. “Lord, give me love for her. I need to be her mom. Let me see her,” was my tearful plea.

After we were settled in Fargo, I had connected with the doctor who had been our family doctor when I lived in the area as a little girl. Dr. Esh was kind and considerate, with a quiet gentle bedside manner. Now I was a twenty-two year old expectant mother with something on my mind, “I never…

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