Our child was missing, and the world has never been a bigger place than it was that Sunday morning as we stood in our doorway looking out into it with terror in our hearts.  "GO to the neighbors'.  Maybe they saw something, or she's there.  You know how friendly she is."  It was true.  At... Continue Reading →


Between the time we had gone to the hospital to have our first baby and the time we were ready to leave, my husband and his sister had moved us out of our apartment and into my parents' basement.  (Sigh) I suppose this was our first of several very pride-swallowing experiences.  With me out on... Continue Reading →


There truly are moments in time that stand still and stay preserved as snapshots in our minds.  I sat in the recliner nursing my infant twins simultaneously in "football hold", just as I had learned it from the books I had read in preparation for mothering these babies.  A playpen full of clean clothes sat... Continue Reading →

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