I Still Believe

The excitement is building.  The atmosphere is so charged with it, that it’s palpable. Change is coming.  The entire landscape of the world changes when the American people elect a new president. “I voted,” the sticker reads. What does it mean?  I did my part, exercised my right?  It’s so much more than that. Casting... Continue Reading →

Madeline Louise

"Mama, there's puppies next door!  Daddy, come see!"  Maggie and Serrah, heralded their news in stereo.  Great. OK, let's go have a look."  We were in Bismarck celebrating my younger sister, Carmen, graduating high school, with my family.  The neighbor handed puppies over the fence to Maggie, Serrah, Lyle, and I, "They're eight weeks, yellow... Continue Reading →

“Oh, NO, no, no, no!  Maggie Ann! What the heck?!”  To my complete horror, I watched my eldest daughter, as in super slow motion, walk toward our home from a couple of houses down.  She was holding her clothes in one arm.  She was stark naked?! Why? What on earth?  I closed my eyes, opening... Continue Reading →

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