Crystal Springs

My young husband and I stood beside our broken down station wagon, each holding an infant up for passers-by to see.  We had four-month-old twins.  Along with our infant twins, we were traveling with our three little girls, ages five, three, and two, as well.  They have to see how desperately we need help.  Surely... Continue Reading →

Madeline Louise

"Mama, there's puppies next door!  Daddy, come see!"  Maggie and Serrah, heralded their news in stereo.  Great. OK, let's go have a look."  We were in Bismarck celebrating my younger sister, Carmen, graduating high school, with my family.  The neighbor handed puppies over the fence to Maggie, Serrah, Lyle, and I, "They're eight weeks, yellow... Continue Reading →

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